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Making Something Out of Nothing

Often I have heard that expression “making something out of nothing”  What does that mean to you?

Road Illuminated

I mean is the nothing good or the nothing bad? Something made from nothing good could be something bad. Something bad that ends up being good is something well earned and fortune.

I think it is about who or what makes the difference in your life…  What elements in your life will make things change? What  paths you are going down that you haven’t gone down before?

Would something from nothing be those things that end up taking your view of life in a  different way than you expected? Sending you off in a way that you would not ever have imagined.  I have had people in my life over my years that helped to make something from the nothingness of my life. Those people took hold of my spiritual center and revitalized it. Made me see things I had never seen before, that meant nothing in my life.

So who is it that will show you that there is “something” to be made from the nothing that may be in front of you? Are you willing to muster up the trust and the faith it will take to let that happen. In God perhaps.  Or will you spend your life’s days always wondering about that “nothingness” that lingers somewhere out ahead?

Advice to my kids?  Understand that time is precious, and it cherishing that passage of time that will make something of it. Something is coming… just what is it for you? Its right around the corner. 

Are you consumed with the unknown tomorrow, or looking for the something that is right  here and now? Make something of it. Your expectations have to begin with yourself. Be receptive to the idea that you CAN make something out of nothing.


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