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Tending to Your Convictions

Be Yourself

There are things that you want because you believe in them, and then there are those things you need driven because of your conviction.

Your convictions include your  personal commitments, the core values you live by, or the things that truly motivate you. It’s more than what you simply believe ..I recently read this…“A belief is something you will argue about. A conviction is something you will die for!”  – Howard Hendrick

I find that sometimes it is hard to center those convictions in your life. You know that they are there, you even have a past list of core things that you have fought for. But still there will be times when there are doldrums, sort of floating time like treading water it seems.

In those times it is good to turn back to the things you know about yourself. Those reasons that you have persevered to this moment. Pull up your spiritual bootstraps and point in a positive direction. It is just as simple to turn your back on that spiritual compass and let others tell you what you will believe. It is simple to become dependent on someone, or something. To get comfortable in the routine of familiar surroundings or patterns, making it easy to wait for another day…

But those things that motivate you that involve the genuine love, the core values of your being and spirit will allow you to chart a course ahead in a positive way – based on your convictions.

So now in the new year, reflect on your convictions (not just your beliefs) and know that you can make a difference in your own life, and in-turn make a difference in others. Don’t stand still and feel “done”, because you will never be done until your last days. Don’t let fear and uncertainty manage your convictions, you got to “let love in”.

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One thought on “Tending to Your Convictions

  1. Most inspirational, as usual, mg.


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