Tracks In The Dust

A Father's Advice About Learning the Mission of Life

Thunder In My Pocket


When I was younger I carried my thunder in my back pocket

I never let it out for anyone

People tried to shoot me down; I was lost but never found

I always seemed I’d be on the run


I offered my heart but they’ve taken my soul and I don’t feel whole anymore

I’ve given my tears I admit through the years, now I know just what’s in store

The time has come to turn to the best and forget all the rest is really there

I’ve taken the toll and I can’t stand the pull, it’s easy not to care


God really knows how I’ve take the blows, I keep coming back again

One more time and I’ll break all the rules, forget all the fools and then

Like the rush of a wave, I’ll come in and save the world from its plight

It won’t break my back, but we’ll all keep in track- a new day’s in sight



When I was younger I carried my thunder inside my heart

I never told anyone how

They left me to fly, never asking why

They will see the new day is now

There was this really cool melody hanging around in my head at the time I wrote this back in June of 1976. So much younger and really into making a “statement” it was kind of The Who meets The Kinks or something. I still remember it all these years later and I will have to lay down the tracks to see if I can construct it. I think we tried to do something with it in the band I was in at the time.  MGert from “A Slip of the Pen”

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