Tracks In The Dust

A Father's Advice About Learning the Mission of Life

Journey to Nowhere

Taking a trip on multicolored clouds

Taking all you need

Smiling at the planets passing by

The follow where you lead

Rocket out toward a million nowhere’s

Toward the distant stars

Look into the floating masses

Finding where you are

Drifting dreams now surround you

Flowing with the tides

Taste the freedom of the ages

See the years, they fly

Silent space now has parted

Never ending love

Travel on forever after

To the stars above

This is a song that was written while I was in a band  during high school. A slow song sort of  “Pink Floyd”  thing, we would play it at the dances and people seemed to like it. The words fit the music basically, and so some of the “spacey” things were just word pictures to make it all work. I found this set of lyrics on a scribbled sheet of paper in an old notebook I had. It was the original words when it was written in 1973-74 sometime. Over the time we played it I think we kept adjusting the words. Aah those old high school dances. They were just great fun.

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