Tracks In The Dust

A Father's Advice About Learning the Mission of Life

The Change

As I leaned into the horizon, nothing came into view

So I held onto anything that brought memories of you

But now in the emptiness I’ve seen it far too late

No matter what I do I’ve been lost by a twist of fate

As I looked in the doorway, I prayed in vain for more

Too young to have realized how little was left in-store

For me, I’m the fool of love of something that lived to pass

So slowly I repeated the words I knew could not last

As I looked around me, I saw no one standing near

Time had swept me clean, and left me feeling fear

Now far in the distance with their backs still facing me

I’ve seen it far too late- the change is waiting to be free

November 2, 1976  by MGert© from “A Slip of the Pen”
There was a time in my teenage life where I was feeling pretty left-behind. We all go through that sometimes I think, and must of been in that mood here. Ahh the angst of it all. 

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