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The Songs and Poems of Another Time

The Path to A Play On Words

Its been almost  a year since I started and it felt like it would be good to add some new pages!

Pages attached are dedicated to lyrics, poems and verse from my life as a musician.

‘Back in the mid 1970’s I began a journey of writing lyrics. I was part of several bands that played mostly rock covers (other peoples music)- but we worked on originals. In the mean time I listened to the most eclectic music selection   compared to most of my friends or fellow musicians. All of the songs were inspirational.

From the mid 70’s until now I have created over 1000 poems and lyrics – some were written by inspiration, from song, others are just a release of feelings or perspective on the moment. I brought out  the notebooks and scraps of paper recently.

I thought I should  share some of the best of them with my children.  So I will share them on the attached pages.

January 2013 Entries:

Bearing the Wait

Journey to Nowhere

The Change

Hitchcock’s Revenge

From A  Summer Porch 

Thunder in My Pocket

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