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A Father's Advice About Learning the Mission of Life

Fade Away

There are fade away jumpers,fade out songs,faded jeans,faded hopes or dreams. Some times it feels right to fade into the background. Songs about fading away (Buddy Holly) or rock and rollers who just fade away (Neil Young).
So when someone leaves this Earth so abruptly it seems to go against the “fade”. Lately there have been some young people in my life and our friends lives who have died so young and so unexpectedly that it comes as a shock to the mortal idea that we will all get a chance to fade out slowly, and experience lifes ups and downs.
But then God knows our time, we do not. Sometimes we are given a view of the road ahead [more on that another time] but we need to remember that life is precious. We hope it is a long and winding road, that we can make some significant impression on the world – tracks that make a difference.
In the end, whether we fade away or go quickly like a light bulb going dark we need to embrace what we can do in life while we are able. And for each of us that is something uniquely ours, since it is our life.

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