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Wearing A Disguise

I think there is always something to  be considered about how people see each other, but how we see ourselves may be even more of a challenge.Face

We can see the outer people in our lives. We see what people want us to see. But it could be that we are practicing what we are in the process. Perhaps we want to  conjure up an image of what we think other people want us to be.

But in the end that it seems to be  really hard to keep doing. We can take life as “what it is” – and be what we are without wearing a disguise. Our potential to be someone significant may be at risk, getting approval from all of those around us. But maybe we could have more time to just be something important to ourselves. What other people think is going to have to suffice to just “be”.

Maybe they won’t like us, or maybe they aren’t going to care. What a shock that would be, but then perhaps we should ask the question: do we like ourselves.

Be true to yourself – be sure you know who and what you are. Seems so darned easy, and yet often we can work hard to try to be what others think we should be. And then we convince ourselves that we are that person.

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2 thoughts on “Wearing A Disguise

  1. spiralsturn on said:

    I’ve been trying to do this more and more. It seems I’ve spent my life worrying about what others think of me and that makes me doubt myself and who I am as a person.

    Lovely true post, thanks


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