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Your Favorite Pizza

Often enough I run into Internet articles that are all about pizza. What is the best kind, where you can find it, who has created a new version. Always with opinions on what makes a pizza good.Chef

When I was a kid there was this great Italian-American part of town where you could find a variety of pizza. We used to call them pizza parlors. If you ordered take out they would put it on a cardboard wheel and then cut it, and then bag it with a paper bag that would often have a generic looking guy in a chefs hat that looked a little like Chef Boyardee – complete with the pinched fingers up in the air (for those of you in the US).

Amazingly even between all of those restaurants there was a variety of sauces and crusts, but the crusts were almost always very thin. Nearly always crispy arround the edges, and sometimes cracker thin even in the middle. But man they were tasty.

Which leads me to the point. All of us foodies and non-foodies that love pizza have an idea what makes up an ideal pizza pie. Crusts, sauces, toppings and just the general look of one. If you live in New York City it is different from Chicago, can you fold the slice, or do you need a fork to cut into the deep dish goodness?

  • What do you like?
  • What makes it your favorite? 
  • Does it make a difference where you live as to what defines PIZZA to you?  Tell me what you think.

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