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Join Me On the Radio

I will be on the radio; join me on the Internet streaming site!

FM Radio Dial

A secret about me (probably because I haven’t talked about my college years for a long time). As I worked toward my degree (Communications) back around 1980 I was also “on the air” at the college radio station. A public radio stations where students could learn the craft ( I was focused on broadcasting).  As the station manager I learned a lot about running a business, but my favorite time was getting on the radio and sharing music and information to the people on campus and around the city where the university was located (in the heart of the great northern state of  Wisconsin USA).

So many of us from that time (late 1970’s to early 1980’s) are coming back for a reunion and 4 days of radio merriment. Also to raise funds for our school.

To All My Tracks In The Dust followers: If you want to listen ON THE INTERNET it will be available to stream at this link (for Windows and I-tunes users):

You can join me LIVE for 2 hours on Thursday August 1st from Noon to 2 pm:

That is 12:00 PM CDT US to 2:00 PM CDT US.   And of course join any time you wish. I can promise you that some of the music will be classic time-machine stuff, but expect some fairly eclectic stuff as well. 

Wherever you are; whether you join or not- keep music in your heart always!


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6 thoughts on “Join Me On the Radio

  1. That’s quite cool! Congrats :).


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  3. What a great fundraiser! Congratulations and enjoy it!


  4. Wow! you’re quite the star then, Mark 🙂


    • My university career spanned a few years more when I took time off to join a “rock band”- when I got back to school being on the radio seemed like a tame solution while finishing my studies. Loved going back, but can’t stay there- have to look forward to what’s ahead. Thanks Hope for stopping by. Keep posting! Love your blog.


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