Tracks In The Dust

A Father's Advice About Learning the Mission of Life

Clearly In Sight

Honestly as I have flown over the wonders below

I hadn’t been aware of who’d shaded the glow

Of the moment just passed and all that it meant

Thought it tried to impress me, not even a dent

So I rush ahead and make plans that aren’t real

When next to me now is the change I should feel

But too busy to notice, it passes unknown

And leaves me with nothing, tired and alone

So make plans you must make, and set goals that are clear

But don’t forget the things that are near

Look to your left; be aware of your right

The answers to loving are clearly in sight

Always in a hurry when I was younger, I suppose I still am today. Just passing by opportunity to be close to someone, to fall in love- because I was too busy making plans.  Isn’t that so often the way?   © MGert 1977 from Another Set of Love Songs

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