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Being Significant

Just watching the recap of the Felix Baumgartner who just successfully landed after free-falling 24 miles down to the ground. It is pretty significant achievement. It really makes me think about what could be something significant I should be planning in my life.

But then I realize that not everyone is going to have the opportunity to do something hugely significant and record-breaking in their lives. I mean for many (most?) of us, life is an everyday thing that has highs and lows, good days and bad, easy days and hard days. The measure of a lot of what we are is contained in a small span of our version of 24 hours.

Not copping out I think, there are plenty of inspirational books and successful people who make videos about going for the golden ring. It’s not impossible. And I am not saying that we all shouldn’t focus on the prize. But we also have opportunities much closer to home. We all possess ways to be significant to others. To our family, friends and the people we meet every day. Sometimes that significance may not be obvious to you, other times to them. At least not at the time. It may not be complicated, or produce a some profound moment.

It feels like its more about sharing what you can offer with others, paving the way for the “possible’ – for some one who in turn may create new horizons for the future, or just pay it forward to someone who will begin a whole new direction in their lives.   However subtle or small it may seem. Each of us are unique. We are significant in our own way. We don’t necessarily have to perform a world record free fall, or climb the highest mountain.

What you do could cause a chain reaction of other things to happen and you may never know it. You may see it later. You may not.  The start of it all is to understand that God made each of us to be unique, and to make a difference in our lives for others.  Take the opportunity to be significant.

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