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My Rock Music Legacy

Mgert Silus 2

In my early days I joined a rock and roll band in high school. I had interest in football, but it turned out that wasn’t my calling. Later I tried to make a living out of it. Although it was fun (in all the ways you can imagine). Think “almost famous” fun. It could/didn’t last.

Music became a part of my life early, growing up in the days of exploding growth of the modern rock and roll generation. It was like a renaissance of music during my younger years. The evolution of sound and the variety of the definition of what music was and would be and the roots of it all was respected as well.

I am thrilled to say that my children have come to appreciate music like I had. Perhaps I just passed it along in their youth. But they love to listen to music and thrive to find new things (not just the formula that makes up today’s pop-songs). There is still a lot of great new music to be heard. And to be inspired by.

Yup. That’s me in the pic. Kind of rockstar huh?

So I guess I have a rock n roll legacy after-all.

In the mean time I will always recall those younger days…guitars and wailing solos and amps to 11.

If you have the patience, here’s a LINK to a 3 minute original from the old band:           The Squam Overture [Remastered]

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