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Two Year Anniversary for “Tracks In the Dust”

Okay so now I am 2 years on with my blog Tracks In The Dust. My 2nd anniversary. Hundreds of posts, multiple hundreds of followers and thousands of visits later, I think I am still doing what I intended to do.

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 Wanted to make sure to record my thoughts for my children. Perhaps later they can “remember what dad said” and take some of it to heart. Maybe someday there will be another generation of my family that can also hear a few words from their grandparents. They don’t seem to have listened as well when they were younger, perhaps as they grow older they will grab on to something ( not holding my breath).

√  Keep things in perspective: that music, art, words, are all expressions of life. Enjoy them.

√  And along the way I get to share out these things on the “Internet” of the world-wide web. And maybe it just sticks for someone, or we agree (or disagree) on some things. Maybe it confirms that all people all around the world actually see things very much the same. Perhaps human-kind isn’t that hopeless anyway. Or at least part of it.

I have had the pleasure of following several great bloggers. I have exchanged comments and ideas with people on the other side of the hemisphere from my world. I have seen pictures of wonder. Laughed at the situations we all seem to get in. Cry in sadness for those who struggle with cancer (like I do) and other illnesses. Struggle with personal injustice and fear.

In the end we are all out there. Living our lives the best way we can on this journey. On this mission of life while we are here on earth… forging “tracks in the dust.”  Eventually that dust will blow away and our tracks will be gone. But we can make it more permanent. Sharing grace in everything we do. Making something worthwhile from the smallest things could change a life – yours or someone else’s forever.

We all pass through life “kind of fast” (as the theme song says)- considering the span of time in the world. We must make of it what we can, while we can.  Thanks for dropping by!

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