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Songs That Remind You Of Summer

It is the middle of SUMMER here in Texas, and like always I reflect on the music that made up my younger years. Summer was special because school was out and the weather was ripe for enjoying time at the beach, or camping or traveling. Just sitting out in the backyard in a lawn chair and when I was older cruising the main-streets ( gas was so much cheaper than, but then the cars only got single digits miles per gallon.

Transistor Radio

Ahh but the songs! My son and I got thinking about those “songs” that made up the memories of summer ( and those that also reminded us of winter). My list was totally different than his (with a few exceptions). But it was fun. I recall listening to the songs on “transistor radios” on the beach blankets, on the AM radio in the car, and later in various Walkman- like things with headphones. But they were indelible and still conjure up those sweet memories.

What are your summer songs?

Here are 6 of mine.


1) The Beach Boys: Do It Again

Actually it could be  very many of their songs, this is just one I love. In America these guys are the definition of summer music for a generation or 2! LOVE the outfits in this old video.


2) The Kinks: Sunny Afternoon

Ray Davies is very underrated as part of the Brit Invasion and all the great songs beyond. Love this one.  Was and still am a big fan (Waterloo Sunset is another).


3) The Rolling Stones: Honky-tonk Woman

First time I heard this was out in my backyard out of one of those little radios, I turned it up so loud it broke it. I went out that day and got the 45 PRM version and played it to death.


4) America: Ventura Highway

I was listeing to AM radio on my way to the beach and the windows rolled down. My friends were in the car. We sang the do-do-do’s like we were never going back home (the beach forever dude).


5) Steely Dan: Do It Again

We were in the basement of my best friends house. It was a late Friday afternoon. We had opened a 12 pack of Budwiser, we were playing pool and thinking about the weekend coming up when we would be going to the lake up in the woods and fish and eat and drink (not necessarily in that order). We jacked up the stereo and took it all in. Steely Dan is damn cool.


6) Blink 182: What’s My Age Again

Okay so I spent 7 years in a row going with my kids to Warped Tour. I got immersed in the music of their generation. I gotta say I love the energy and… sure I was a fan of that same type of music when I was a teen. There is always high-energy teen angst music playing somewhere. Thanks to my kids- spent some crazy summers on hot pavement finding a lot of new bands.  Of course there was some irony on this Blink 182 song …. yeah sure.






The Music That Echoes

I always loved the ending of The Beatles Abbey Road:  ” The love you take is equal to the love you make

Sort of like another song : “What what comes around goes around.”  It really became one of my favorite musical statements. It was the reminder at the end of a turbulent decade that we still could cherish the golden rule- do on to others as you would have them do on to you (or something like that). Love they neighbor as you would love yourself.

FM Radio Dial

There is so much music that has become woven into the fabric of my life- how about yours? 

But there are times when you may remember getting burned, you may find yourself asking “how did I get here?”. Sort of like Talking Heads “life in wartime” – same as it ever was, same as it ever was.,

But the sounds contain the soundtrack, that bounces into the stratosphere of your remembrances. It is the music hitting the angles of my living room right now.

Listening to thoughtful music that once seemed like the ingredients of that “hippie hopefulness” of a younger time. Does that mean I don’t believe it now. No, I think I believe it more now than ever, but when you get older and life gets more serious I suppose it makes it harder. Neil Young may tell you not to “let it bring you down, it’s only castles burning”. More an echo now that the dream it may seem to once have been.

So I will escape. ” Be a free man in Paris, unfettered and alive. No one calling me up for favors, no one’s future to decide.” ( thanks Joni). It will be a short trip down the road I am going before I get there. It will be the travel music that will keep me sane, it will be the soundtrack that will put a song with a moment and indelibly inject it into my memory as “that time when….” It will show up in the background at the mall, in the movie credits, on the radio in the car, or just when things are quiet and my mind wanders…

What is your life’s sound track sound like?

I know this is all random. But it is like all the songs that reach out, streaming from a website like a “sonic cocktail”  that can take you on a trip though time. Sorry for the free-form random song-dropping. But that’s how it is.

It can capture a feeling… It can make you recall things that are just an echo in your mind that suddenly reappear.

You Are The New Day

You Are the New Day.

You can make the difference every day.

One of my favorite songs (traditional) by a group I listened to often long ago.

Go out and make a difference and be involved in someone’s life. Don’t close yourself off to living. Life is short.

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