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Hopelessness and Despair

What amazes me today what appears to be that there are so many lost people in the world. People looking for a purpose. People feeling helpless and out of control of their lives. There have always been lost people with who feel hopeless and heavy with despair. It is nothing new, it is a human ailment since time began. .

Opening the Door to Memories

But these days there are non-stop 24/7 reports of people around the world who are struggling with their lives, with their vision on what they want from life. They feel alone and seek to find acknowledgement from others that they are something.

Feeling alone can result in evil things happening. Evil provides hope by authority, allowing people to reach for bad things that will make them feel in-charge. It is a kind of hope that is easy to come by with when one is alone. It seems ironic that in a world so “full” of people  hope on things we should not

But that is what is means to be hopeless I think. Thinking there is no way out. And then today it is so much easier to let things leak in from everywhere. 24/7 – lonely in front of a glowing monitor as it speaks. The appearance that the world around us is “so bad” and everything is wrong. The government cannot help you, there is no end in sight and the news is not good . Negative piles on to the despair one may already feel.

What is truly sad is that the positive messages get lost in the balance. There is the rub. Embracing the messages of hope and promise are hard to do, it means being confident in its existence. Feeling as though there is some way to make something out of life. Not seeing the short time on this Earth as worthless. Looking for answers from those who are willing to help lift you up.

The answer is there. It is in the spirit of the human being to focus on the simple. Too many people make the simple salvation too complicated. They find all the rules they can to provide you with hurdles- when salvation is only one faithful step away.  Choose it.



All That I’m Allowed

I get so sad sometimes. Just watching people wasting their lives away.

Feb. 09, 2012 - Birmingham, England, United Kingdom - This is the incredible photo of an otter seeking guidance by praying. This once in a lifetime snap was taken by Hertfordshire based photographer Marac Andrev Kolodzinski. Marac had to wait over two hours in the freezing cold before he captured the divine moment. .(Credit Image: © Marac Kolodzinski/Caters News/

They consume so much of their time feeling that they are victims, or looking at the dark side of their life and being angry at everyone and every thing around them.

Sometimes I want to shake them and tell them to stop it! Quit sinking  in the quicksand that is wrapping itself around them and slowing them down. It is tough to say how to help them. They don’t want to listen, they believe that “others” are creating their circumstances and that there is no way out. They are looking for more.

There is a look of hopelessness in their eyes. I cannot tell them the hopelessness I have experienced fighting a disease in my body that is not curable. It will always be there and my wife and I had to make a choice. Let it consume our lives or do something about it. We turned to our faith in God. We also turned to each other to help understand that His love is stronger than anything when it comes to life.  We know that life is not eternal here on earth. We know that there is an ending to our timeline here, and that it is eternity that will matter most.

What we have learned: Have faith in each other, have faith in Him. Look at life as something to embrace no matter what the future holds. It has to be part of the equation. I feel bad for those with no hope, with no feeling of what “comes next”. They need to take another look at make something better out of the time we are allowed.


Behind Every Door

Door 2Behind every door is a story. And every one of them is personal.

Recently in Cleveland Ohio USA, three women emerged from the horror of being secretly locked up and tortured and raped for ten years, while the rest of the world moved by the house and the doors and windows where so much pain and anger was hidden.  It is one that was discovered, but you can’t help thinking there are so many equally terrifying stories. People living in the private walls of their lives in a way that most may not understand, while yet others may recognize as their own…

So we pass by doors of people’s lives every day, some real, some just figuratively. We may often ignore the idea of what is behind those doors.There stories for every door, so many stories. Stories of loneliness, pain, anger, sadness, hopelessness, guilt and so many more of the agonies that we humans have been dealt. We try to reflect ourselves on those doors. In our heads and lives we see those doors as similar or identical to ours, of we find ourselves threatened by the idea that there are things much worse.

Behind those doors there is certainly good and bad, because everyone has their own demons and challenges. I know someone who is living the pain and challenges of a brain tumor. His family is dealing with all that emotion, all that goes with the disease and the stark mortality that is a constant part of their lives. It is the struggle behind a door that many will pass every day. Most will never know.

Seems like in this world of  high-speed connections, Internet friendships and text messaging – the opportunity to have  those relationships we need- those connections behind those doors have been damaged. It is lost behind the locks of the doors that divide us. That contain so many stories that deserve compassion, deserve to be discovered. Need to understand there is hope.

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