Tracks In The Dust

A Father's Advice About Learning the Mission of Life

Before and After

Since time keeps moving no matter what you do, every moment has a before and an after. Until life ends there are defining moments in every minute of your life. Those moments are precious. Some are painful, some are joyful, and some pass without notice. I believe that everyone on this Earth was put here by God’s grace for a purpose.

In days gone by, writing a journal or log in on paper or a book seemed practical, but in these days it seems like a blog may be the method. So if anyone ends up reading any of this, I take it as an honor. If no one should read this, perhaps it is a selfish indulgence. Either way it is what is is.

Before & After each moment, life changes. I want to document some of those thoughts as life is passing by kind of fast. Inspired by David Crosby’s “Tracks In the Dust”- we are all moving through life kind of fast.  God willing we get to make some difference every day in the mission of life as we have our before and after moments.

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