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Organization in the Clutter of Life

It seems sometimes it is so important to get organized in your life, than other times it seems that the freedom to let it all go makes perfect sense.

Those times when everything needs to be in order. You know, you look around and everything seems cluttered, out-of-place, displaced from the space it belongs in. The clutter can lead to confusion, to that feeling of being off-balance. Nothing is where it needs to be, and you can’t imagine how it got that way. Maybe just a victim of every-day living, running its paces and little by little things just go out-of-order. Other times it can just seem like one day it is all good and the next nothing seems in place.

All good are those opposite days, when you seem to be flowing back and forth though the daily machine of living…so at ease. Nothing bothers you , nothing goes according to plan, but you don’t care. The constant changes feel good, like surprises you can cherish one at a time. The changes seem to nearly confirm the confidence in those unorganized days being temporary. Bring the changes on! 

But those days where it is cluttered, every noise seems to rub you the wrong way, like the high-pitched squeal of fingers on a chalkboard (do they have those anymore?). Nothing any one says seems to sit well with you, and you find fault in even the littlest of things. You become annoyed at nearly everything.

That’s when you need to reach deep, and take a deep breath. Reach deep into yourself and meditate on the important things in your life, in your love of the higher being, your center that brings you to your awareness. The awareness of everyone around you, and you in the world surrounded by everything else.

You find yourself re-arranging the clutter, putting things back in their place. You find new places for some of the things in your life, you throw out others. You move-on with the people and ideas that aren’t working the way you thought. You re-engage with the lovers and friends that you know will be there, whether you are all-together organized, or just totally bouncing from place to place like a rubber ball.

So today realize that not every day can be exactly as you plan, not every thing in your space can be exactly where it belongs. Some days when you struggle to organize things, it just isn’t the right day, other days it comes so easily that you have to sit down at the end of the day and be thankful. But either way, take a breath and appreciate the essential things that make you who you are, since you are the only “you” you have. Love yourself for what you are and what you can be.

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4 thoughts on “Organization in the Clutter of Life

  1. Maybe it’s just me, but I find that things rarely go the way I’d hoped or planned from day to day. I tend to comfort myself with the saying that a disorganized desk (read: life) is indicative of an organized mind.


  2. This is wonderful – thank you ♥


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