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In A Hurry

Being in a hurry seems to be standard practice these days. Everything moves so quickly, like a high speed connection on the Internet, a picture or a comment becomes instantly shared with the world.
We seem to be asked to grow up so quickly, get on with things and be fast about it. Be sure what you want and go get it before someone else gets it.

We make split decisions about so many things, some are not so important while others are critical… But there we go. Like a speeding car on the highway, zooming ahead like we are in a race. If we stop to look too long, will someone notice our indecision? Will we be accused of lingering, running behind?

In slower times we may have had time to contemplate the road ahead. We may have taken time to imagine the consequences of our our direction. instead we are told “just go for it”- carpe diem. Later we ask the questions that may often be too late. Things we may not even noticed before. Regrettably we missed them, those valuable clues to the quality of life and living.

So now we move ahead, trying to get by. Taking things as they come and showing our bravery by dealing with it. But how much have we missed? Take care to take a moment and breathe it in, sample the surroundings and admire the shear beauty of the simple things that are there. They remain the landscape of our life in which we exist, in this moment until the next-never to return again to the moment we are in. Except to remember it as best we can, hopefully not in a blur but in a panoramic image of wonderful memories.

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