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Waiting for the End of the World

Okay, It will happen. Someday.

The Holy TouchWaiting for it seems a waste of time.  There are many who seem to be searching for it. They work to interpret the “signs” and decide that the Mayan’s calendar has it right, or some tea-leaves, crystal balls, Nostradamus, alien codes written in farmers fields, zombies coming to walk the earth or some religious faction incited by a self-declared prophet.

With the coming of the latest Mayan forecast looking like this December 21st, the fascination begins again.


  • For some they look at things so seriously that they are out buying provisions, digging shelters. Grab your family, food and ammunition. You are going to need it in the world ahead (I thought it was the end- maybe just a new chapter?)
  • For others there is a planned party to watch the event front-row center and lift a glass (or something else I suppose)
  • Yet others take on some interest like it is the next blockbuster disaster movie that is going to produce world-wide earth moving events destined to make the environment itself be the course of our demise… in full surround sound.

All of it is kind of ironic. Our “individual” worlds are so fragile. The end of the world may happen at any time for us, like a personal journey that has already been written. Step off a curb, slip on a rock, let that pain you have ignored take you away from the human fold as quickly as you arrived.

IF we choose to wait for it to happen, looking for it behind every news story or internet article, it kind of makes us all victims… victims of our human need for knowing our destiny. We cannot really know that “next” moment in our lives, any more than we can predict the moment that will become “the end of the world”.

So I choose to look at it this way. The world will come to an end in my lifetime. It will more than likely be my personal demise. But it may be that the aliens, planets, earth itself or our own foolish nuclear destruction take the course. Living for today, making the best of my time on this Earth to help others, share the Word, provide sound advice to my children, love my spouse and “embrace God’s grace”  is still the best way to celebrate the end of the world.  The world as we know it has exciting possibilities if you believe that the alternative will be all that much more glorious.

Get off your cloud and get living while you can!

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3 thoughts on “Waiting for the End of the World

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  2. You’re so right mg, make the most of everyday. It makes me think of a poster I saw the other day which said something like “the world will be ending on the 21st and I still don’t know what to wear” 🙂


    • There are a lot of humorous approaches to the idea. I also read that younger kids are calling suicide help-lines to talk about it genuinely afraid for December 21st. Never sure what to believe on the Internet, for some it likely is more serious. Thanks for stopping by Hope!


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