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When You Turn Up The Music!

Sometimes you just have to turn up the sound, play rock and roll really loud.

Black Dog

As the Rolling Stones used to say ” Let Your Ya’ Ya’s Out”.

Feels good sometimes.

I know some people out there are not that much into rock…. but I ask you….

What song do your play when you want to turn up the volume knob as far as it can go?

Here’s one of them for me.

  You can do the same….


Black Dog- Led Zeppelin



P.S. Rest In Peace Johnny Winter!

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2 thoughts on “When You Turn Up The Music!

  1. Love that one too! There was songs by so many others I loved to turn up in my younger days and every once in a while I try one more time. In my car usually.


  2. Love it! Also love “Stairway to heaven.”


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