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Coffee and the Morning Ritual

My wife and I have our morning rituals these days. After we wake and let the dogs out for their morning constitutional we head for the coffee. It is like the kick-start that begins the day. We also reach for our respective technology and get an update on the news of the day and the weather ahead.


I have tried to ignore coffee over the years. I have worked my way toward tea and assorted other hot drinks. I have skipped it entirely and made sure that the breaking-fast was centered around a healthy menu fit to start a day.

But in the end, it is the coffee that I come back to.  Like mine with nothing in it generally, but strong enough to give it a bit of rich taste. Admittedly some days it doesn’t end up that way. Never destined to be a Barista I guess, just as long as I get the caffeine I suppose.

Many of my friend and work mates go for other caffeine in the morning. Colas or Diet Colas, the infamous Mt Dew. That just makes me shudder really. I recall younger days after a long night out – waking up with a thirst. But overall I couldn’t do it.

  • So what are your rituals in the morning?
  • What are the things that are at the starting line of the day for you?

Plenty of things that happen over coffee. 



Couple of  my favorite songs with coffee in them.

Black Coffee in Bed – Squeeze

Coffee – Copeland


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2 thoughts on “Coffee and the Morning Ritual

  1. Anonymous on said:

    Morning Ritual here in Maine is much the same, but with cats–or at least one cat now that Hobbes is gone. He was my morning buddy. Always had to go out no matter the weather and when it was warm, we would sit together in companiable silence, listening to the trickle of the waterfall and the birds and squirrels in the trees overhead. Now, it is little sister Sophie who goes out with me–she seems to know I need a little company now and stays closer by. A cup of strong black coffee in hand, we head out to the yard to sit and just be as the sun comes up over the trees and filters through the leaves. When it is raining, we sit in the hot tub enclosure or on the front porch. I love that hour I give myself to wake up and take on the day. Good Morning to you dear friend–it will be good to have cup of coffee with you soon…


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