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You’re Not Alone

It’s ironic that sometimes you can be in a room full of people and still feel alone. There are billions of people in the world, and still you can feel like you are the only one there- alone.

You’re not alone.  I think everyone has those times when they may want “alone time” – You know you need it -just finding that place that you actually feel comfortable in your self.  Even wandering among the busy city streets can actually feel like a wonderful by-yourself moment sometimes.

Then there seems like those times with friends, maybe out on the lawn by the grill with a cold drink, or laying back at a local pub, or walking in the park and just spending time talking about the rest of the world – like the world is somewhere else and you and your friends or family are at the center of it.

But in the end that shadow of “alone” can often lurk- somewhere behind the front door of your home, or in the car on your way to an appointment. Surrounded by thousands of things that should remind you that there are millions of people who feel just like you. Millions who are also feeling alone in a huge world of people and things. But there you are.

I realized years ago when I was diagnosed with cancer that I am never alone. I have the best family and wife one could ask for, but I knew also that I had more. Someday when I arrive in heaven, I know I will not be alone. I am not sure if I will see all of you there (that would be another blog entirely)- but honestly I pray I do. 

Appreciate your one-ness, you are unique. No matter where you are however, you are not alone. You have choices, you have more ways than ever in history to reach out and find out that there are so many others, waiting alone together.

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One thought on “You’re Not Alone

  1. This is so profound and powerful – thank you.


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