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The Color of Music

Music surrounds us every day, and there are some songs that colour our day in certain hues of blue, while other days they can be uplifting orange.

When I was a kid there was a revolution of music that covered the gambit of emotions in such a way that there was no way you could avoid it. When you turned on the radio, when you played your music on the stereo or drove your car there were songs that painted the moment.

I remember “Wear Your Love Like Heaven” by Donovan. Colors of the mind. There were all sorts of beautiful images that made up music during that renaissance of rock. There still are if you are listening for it. Sure music is to dance to, its to make love to, dream to, relax to and generally absorb yourself in it. But truly listening to it and letting it start that “movie” in your mind is just as unique. “Here Comes The Sun”  “Good Vibrations”  Back then they drew pictures as the rang their way out of the speakers to the ears.

Today to, so many great musicians are creating pictures and moods in the songs they create. Everyone has their favorites. I am not going to rattle them off because there is so much passion in the choice. Often some artists just capture the motions of your life. I have always been a fan of a band called Copeland, Aaron Marsh makes modern art with his music. Although the band has disbanded. I can tell you after decades of music listening, they hit me. I am sure that there are artists that are like that for you. What are they?

One of the coolest thing is that music breaks down so many boundaries. No matter where you live in the world, there are rhythms, melodies, songs of praise, songs of war, songs of love and loneliness, No harm diving into it. They can lift you up, bring you down, connect you to the past or bring you toward the future.

Recently this video was taken at Olympic Stadium in London. Some may say that Sir Paul should have done this song in the opening ceremony. but honestly it wasn’t his song to sing (even thow he was in the group). What is so very cool is that people of all countries (many Brits I am sure) are involved. One World singing such a simple command. Beautiful.

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