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One Year Later, Thank You Followers

WordPress 1 YearSo here it is exactly one year later since last February when I started Tracksinthedust.

Like so many others bloggers I have read it was not my intention to collect 1000’s of followers.

Yet it has been fantastic that some of you fellow WordPress bloggers are visiting from time to time, and for my Facebook friends to drop by- it’s always wonderful to get a comment now and then as well.

My hope is that in the course of things my kids catch some of it. They mean the world to me and my wife. Even for my oldest  son who left home at 18 and has never looked back.

I will continue to share some of my journey on my fight with cancer on the Cancer Letters – I pray that isn’t a turn off but I wanted to get that down in writing. Probably more therapeutic for me than for those who  would read it I guess.

It’s been fun touching on music, and lyrics and poems ( on my new page) Songs and Poems from Another Time

It has been great to make some bloggy friends along the way as well!

Most of all I have learned that no matter where people live in the world there are so many similarities. Worries and loves, hates and frustrations, wonders and kindness, spiritual needs and wanting to know how we all fit in.

They are all there in everyone.

Hope that some of you will continue to drop by and leave a comment when it moves you.

Here’s to another year for all of us!

Mark (Mgert)

Special shout to some of WordPress bloggers from around the world and right here in Texas who have dropped by for comments. 

♥ Hope the Happy Hugger for all your wonderful comments and inspriation

Istopforsuffering for your spiritual vision

NoBlogintended for your views on life

Mari for your such beautiful prose

Aix for your insight on living

InWonderland (Audrey) for being such a genuine person

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4 thoughts on “One Year Later, Thank You Followers

  1. Love you Dad. I have read every post. 🙂


  2. rawencounterswithestella on said:

    Congratulations!! I just saw your post & I was perusing through the “freshly pressed” poetry section. Glad I found yours! Wishing you many, many more!!


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