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Not My “Demographic”

Marketing in the Old DaysOver the years we have all been marketed to. Likely millions of products and services, piles of entertainment choices of music, books and movies. Mining the  “popular culture” that has become the goal of companies wanting your attention.

One of the things those marketing strategists focus on is taking a  look at is who things appeal to; Like what age bracket, what ethnic group, what income bracket, where you live and work.

Once they have “their demographic” target, they create the plan. The plan to appeal to that target, whether it is a teen, a tween, the young or the senior market among others –  there is a place to aim the message or the talent.

Maybe this happens to you:  My wife and I will see things on television or in advertising in magazines  or the web and wonder “who the heck would ever want that?”  Sometimes the media makes it seem that “everyone” is paying attention (but they aren’t) . They make it appear that every one is tuning in to the next “reality” show to see someone win or lose, or tune in to see things like Honey Boo-boo disgust us so we can feel better about our own lives.

As I get older I realize that these things aren’t designed to appeal to me (or my wife or others in my generation). This is not new actually- it has been happening since the dawn of the advertising age. From the earliest days of entertainment, from the beginning of the newspaper or selling soap, from Elvis or the Beatles to Justin Bieber. There is a plan on who will and will not “get it”… it will be something parents shake their head at (Elvis and his pelvis, John & Paul and those haircuts) , or kids wont ever understand about their parents . It just happens.

Are you part of the Generation X, Y or Z? Are you a baby-boomer? In the scheme of things in your busy life it likely doesn’t matter at all to you. But someone is thinking about what you want- so they can be sure to supply it and make their mark on the world by gaining profit or recognition. They are out there.

I remember when I was a kid The Who singing “My Generation”  and thinking it spoke for the voice of my peers. Listening to it now, it seems old and archaic – like “either burn out or fade away”  of the 60’s… or something.

In the end I have learned, I need to accept change as a challenge of my generation, like with each generation before and after me… all of whom are getting older and looking at those other demographics and wondering in amazement… who on earth would really like these things/why is that so popular? who would every buy that?

Accepting change is always the challenge of a generation- when it is happening so fast, maybe change itself is something the new generations find so appealing now?

So fellow bloggers and Internet surfers, what is that  is that for you?  

What is it that just is too hard to believe anyone should be interested in but seems so popular  What is that makes you ask the question “why” does that exist? (LEAVE A COMMENT)

Who cares?   You just don’t get it (maybe it’s not your demographic).

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