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The High Speed of Information

The speed in which we get our information today has changed our lives forever. I was watching a movie from the late 70’s or early 80’s with my twenty year old daughter the other night, it was a thriller. There was a murderer on the loose and one of his victims got away. Unfortunately they were in a cabin out in the woods and the murderer had ‘cut the phone line”.  My daughter laughed and wondered why they wouldn’t just use their smartphone. Was there no reception?

slow-down Not A Race

I had to remind her that there were no cell phones back then ( way back in the day).  She really had  to wonder how people dealt with that back then. What happened in the old days?  I told her that the cell phone ( and the Internet) has changed the way history  is made and our lifestyles in more ways than she would every realize, since she grew up with both for most of her life.

We are so accustomed to instant feedback, instant information, instant responses and access to communicating with just about anyone anywhere.  Libraries, long distance calls and having to wait for answers are a thing of the past for the most part.

Maybe that’s why everyone is so much less patient it seems these days. Every thing is “now”… and quick. In lines at the store scanning our groceries, paying by plastic card with swipe, packing 2 things to each plastic bag and driving the cart to the car asap.

Even texts can’t wait?  A friend of mine texted me the other day, and when I didn’t respond quick enough the follow-up text was ” are you okay?” Nice enough to ask but really.. I was just busy. Maybe that is the ultimate issue with driving and texting. Everyone is looking for an immediate answer?   I always thought it was the advantage of text vs. voice calls. No hurry, just texting…. but that doesn’t seem to always apply.

So the idea that the answer could be  “wait I will have to think about it” may seem a bit put-offish.  But that may have been the good thing about what was “the good old days”- the pause for thought before answering .  Seems like those immediate answers could provide immediate satisfaction, but can also mean immediate damage.

Pause here for some thought on the matter. 🙂

So the bad guys in the movies these days? … gotta watch out. The world will know you are coming in one tweet, text and post on the Internet.



Knowing Too Much is Not Enough

ImageBefore the Internet I can remember the idea that an opinion meant you got a chance to have a healthy arguement between friends, in a bar, at a restaurant, sitting on the lawn on a Sunday afternoon. Before the Internet is seemed so much easier to know the difference between printed words that were satire, or questionable (National Equirer et. al.) or just pain slanted one way or the other. People would discuss things in context and no one would be able to point out snipets of sentences later in a public way, because things were “of the moment”. Not talking about stars or politicians, just plain people making statements about things. Before the Internet if someone made a mistake and said or did something that later they’d regret, it wasn’t permanently recorded at some URL for others to scrutinize tens of thousands of times.  You could have a grace-period to make amends, have 2nd thoughts that would be able to be shared in kind.

After the Internet, everyone’s opinion is shared potentially millions of times- world wide perhaps (www). Repeating opinion over and over lets it become fact, that then passionate people who want to agree can share with those who aren’t sure- and say “it’s a fact”. Ignorance can turn to prejudice which can turn to fear, which can be acted upon on the Internet (for all to see and read). Oh there are millions of reasons that the Internet is a good thing, finding firends, making new ones, understanding the world around us better than we ever could imagine… and its all there – sitting in a pocket smart phone, at the end of a search button. But just as good, it used in so many ways to spread half truths, human fraility that cannot be erased once it is shared. Such a powerful thing cannot be stopped, but those who innocently use it to share things without any regard for scrutiny seem to be throwing stones at their glass houses- as they would not and could not bear the same scrutiny in return. Sad.

And here I am on the Internet. Ironic. Its a fact!

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