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The Verb To Love

Before I was in love with my wife, I had an idea of what love was. A deep feeling of passion and rememberance. A way to feel that was part of songs and poetry. Time had captured a high-school romantic way to know about despirate love and the pain when it was over. Everyone has a different definition, but the verb “to love” I have learned has a meaning depending on where you started and how you got there.

After I fell in love with my wife, I realized how easy it was to be fooled into believing you were in love. It was so much more once you know that it means more. Its really unfair, because until you know that love- you can’t understand it. And once you do know that love, you cannot explain it to anyone quite exactly the way it is. But people will tell you they know, that they are aware of it. Perhaps they do- but only you and her will know for sure.  And then they try to capture it by making a “day” out of it. Even more impossible on this February 14th.

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