Tracks In The Dust

A Father's Advice About Learning the Mission of Life

Eternity Matters Most

When my wife’s father was coming to the last days of his life, one of the things hIn Is In Your Handse wanted to be sure would happen; that he would be remembered. A God-fearing man, he was kind-hearted and kind to all around him his entire life. But who would think of him after he was gone?

It seems so many people are striving to leave their mark on the world – and with such a noisy world jammed so full of ways to communicate in this Information Age, they are having to make more noise to get noticed in the frey. It could be such simple things…but unfortunately like the headlines today seem to scream, many find such self-centered ways by finding their way to public venues with guns and statements. While others grieve the passing of fallen popular figures as an epic passing that serves as a never forgotten milestone to the time we have here.  Many others just want to be remembered for their kindness or generosity. But often that is just a whisper in comparison.

No matter how someone might be remembered, or for how long on this Earth they will have a part in someone’s elses life of remembrance, there will be a time when that will disappear too. What is left is where you believe you will once you have taken the last breath here on Earth. Is there another breath elsewhere, is there eternity? It is the most important part of living, it is knowing that it matters most. And being good with that.

Memories will come and go, like the proverbial tracks in the dust. Generations will continue to build upon generations until the end of human time. When we live in this world, the very short time we exist will be ours to invest. Perhaps not to invest in being “remembered” but in doing our best to assure that others know what matters most. It is what is beyond our time here. So while we are here, we must learn to enjoy the passage of time. It is the secret of life.

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