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Your Life’s Song

Can music come down to just 6 songs? Can it be that simple? What is your one most special song in your life?

I am reading “The World In Six Songs” by Daniel Levlin. It takes a small jump to understand that there are some fundamental ways that songs communicate: songs of friendship, joy, comfort, religion, knowledge, and love. There seems to be a pre-historic yet beautiful process at play when we sing and dance at weddings, cheer at a concert, or just emerge ourselves privately on headphones full of music.

Just the other day my wife had mentioned how emotional she would get at certain times in our lives when she would listen to music. Not just one particular song or artist, but music itself. Why can a song make you cry in a matter of seconds? Like all of our senses, we trigger emotions ( and memories) around songs that emit emotion and intensity.

With so much music in my life, I can tell you that there are a lot of emotions tied to those songs that make the journey like a soundtrack in my life. Even if I forget they exist, as soon as I hear them it paints a picture and derives and emotion that is unique.

My daughter once asked me that “if I had to pick a theme song” that would be the song for the start of the movie of my life, what would it be? Oh man, that is such a hard one.. is it for you? Do you have that significant song that says it all to capture the important emotions of your life? No, not that song you can’t get out of your head (earwig songs Stephen King called them). No, not just the song played at your wedding or graduation party. But the song that has meaning because it is therapeutic, or bonds you with a moment or a cause, or bridges the emotions that you struggle with.

What is your song?

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8 thoughts on “Your Life’s Song

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  3. Kari J on said:

    Oh My—-the knee-jerk response is Francine Reed singing on Lyle Lovett’s Album Live in Texas. THe song is one we remember Betsy Kaske doing so very long ago–“Wild WOmen Never Worry-Wild Women Never SIng the Blues”. It was written in 1925 and is just perfectly current today. I love to crank it loud and sing along, and I play it when I need to feel strong. Hell, I play it just because.

    I do have more…and will add it later. Dinner must be cooked now. XOXO


    • Thanks much Kari! Hope all is going well with your remodels:) It is a very hard question to come down to 1 song that defines it all. Challenging. Hugs and Kisses!


  4. Life’s Song,heart patch


  5. Blackbird by The Beatles. To me it’s a song about overcoming a tragic life… about something terribly beautiful, but broken. Great post!


  6. rYan on said:

    The Only Moment We Were Alone by Explosions in the Sky

    Love you Dad, what’s yours?


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