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The Gap Between Us

The Road AheadThere is a gap. A widening gap that is clearly defined these days by the opinion of others.

I think it comes from the need to embrace a position. I mean if you are “for” something  worth declaring, or”against” something you want to be sure to defend your reasons… you can fight for your right to believe it as well.

You get to pick something that has 2 pointy ends and show that you have a strong opinion, and in this day and age you get to do that in so so many public ways unlike ever before.  There was a time when “clubs” would represent the social perspective in public ways. There was a time when you could sit with your fellow club-members and remiss about the reasons you were together. There was a comradeship about it, a way to gather all of the people who had a genuine interest in something and see them face to face. You would sponsor public events, march in parades and perhaps engage in philanthropy.

Over time and the millions upon millions of connections we make electronically these days, we have depersonalized the equity of joining together in one place and making the effort to be part of the club. The social network was local but strong in its conviction. Its vast

So now it feels like many people are widening the gap, putting themselves on the farthest ends of their passionate convictions, and they are willing to let everyone know their opinion. Politics is a beast – even though there are so many in the middle- others seem to be pulling people to the extremes to prove their point. They even make news programs out of it that really aren’t “news” but the chance to share their extreme opinions to help validate the people out there who share them (really are they changing any extremes?).

There is still a place where everyone can gather. The church as its opinions too, but there are some core defining truths that make being in that group the best opportunity in another life. –

For some of us ( maybe many) we may be adverse to being labeled in one way or another. And those people on the extreme ends of things will accuse us of being soft, not taking sides. It is to their advantage to provide 2 solutions and ignore that there may be a third.

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