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What Is Your Message?

There are always things we learn in life that change us forever.

The Answer

They can be subtle things that we don’t even notice when they happen or they can be things that mark a turning point in our lives that we know have made a difference.

Sometimes they are obvious, you know that the things you are doing in your life are full of impact to how you see it from that point forward. Other times they are only easy to see when you look backward and notice that “if it wasn’t for that person, place or thing in your life” you wouldn’t have been where you are today.

So someone asked me the other day:  If you could leave a  three word message for your former self, if you could go back in time and leave a morsel of advice to your self in the past – what would you tell yourself?   What would that life changing message be? Would you even notice? Would you know what it meant?

What are the 3 words you would leave?

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  1. love yourself more


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