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When Going Out Was Special

There was this special time when “going out to eat” was something you did in frequently. It was a time when a family would treat themselves to something out of the routine and give “mom” a night off.

McDonalds Buy The Bag


Family outings to restaurants were indeed unique. White table cloths, the waitress with water for all, the crackers in the basket on the table and a list of standard American fare that would come from the swinging doors in the back. You could predict the menu regardless of where you went.

Ah but then there was that special time when you and your parents would venture to a “fast food” emporium. Places that would offer a drive-up area where waiters would arrive at the driver’s window to get your order. A&W Root Beer. Dairy Queens.

But the most special…..when I was a kid was to go to McDonald’s and get a 15 cent hamburger, small fry and a shake. ┬áThere wasn’t much more on the menu those days, and if you wanted to eat there you would bring the bag back to the car. The window was out doors and they would hand it though the window — with a cardboard tray if there were several drinks. Not pressed board or Styrofoam, but standard cardboard. They had millions sold back then I think- not billions. ­čÖé


What is your special restaurant when you were young?


What Is Your Message?

There are always things we learn in life that change us forever.

The Answer

They can be subtle things that we don’t even notice when they happen or they can be things that mark a turning point in our lives that we know have made a difference.

Sometimes they are obvious, you know that the things you are doing in your life are full of impact to how you see it from that point forward. Other times they are only easy to see when you look backward and notice that “if it wasn’t for that person, place or thing in your life” you wouldn’t have been where you are today.

So someone asked me the other day: ┬áIf you could leave a ┬áthree word message for your former self, if you could go back in time and leave a morsel of advice to your self in the past – what would you tell yourself? ┬á What would that life changing message be? Would you even notice? Would you know what it meant?

What are the 3 words you would leave?

Triggering Memories

Memories are a good thing. You don’t want to dwell on them every minute of every day, but they signify who you are.

Music Notes

There was a time the other day when I was listening to some music on “shuffle” on my audio system while doing some work around the house. I love the shuffle idea actually, since I have so many songs on my hard drive. I just hit the play button and it shuffles around the 23,000 songs I have.

Some times it means I am having to fish for my remote and move it ahead when something just doesn’t mix right with my mood, but more often I am surprised at what it picks and even what I own.

But there were a couple of songs in a row that truly triggered memories I had long since tucked away. Not like I was trying to suppress them ( and I am sure some psychologist would say I was), but they were just far enough in the past that they hadn’t passed my mind. Those memories were rich with things that made my adolescence a composite memory of joy and wonder

Like I said, I don’t make a chore of sitting in front of old pictures ( not that I have very many from my teen years, since we didn’t have a phone/camera in our pocket those days). I don’t have much time these days to reflect on the past very often, and have come to cherish the present and what it can bring.

But there are those times, when a smell, or something someone says, or a TV program or movie, or some picture can jog memories that have long since been filed. ┬áSome are melancholy and some are even more painfully sad, and others are rich with thoughts of time long since passed. It’s good to know they are still “in there” somewhere- in my head.

Do you have that happen to you? Maybe I am an exception, but I think I am not alone.

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