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I used to think that sleep was great. I could “sleep in” on a Saturday till noon.


I don’t  remember any more what that feels like. I was a young buck when that happened last I think.

I went through my period of thought that “sleep was under-rated” – the old adage that I will “sleep when I am dead.”

But really sleep is obviously something we need to have to recharge. I need to recharge more some days than others. But I have those days.  You probably do to. Your mind won’t shut off at the end of the day. You are tired but you can’t sleep. The alarm-clock will not give extra time back. So there you are…   Or worse when you finally get to sleep and the alarm goes off and now you are dead tired! Even though you weren’t hours before.

I have my days where the early bed time sounds great, but my head is just going too fast to shut off.

Maybe it’s because I am getting older. Thinking about a million things that I really can’t change, things that could definitely wait till morning. Reviewing what happened, thinking about what could happen tomorrow.

Deep breaths, getting in the zone to drift “miles away” , making warm milk or something. Seems like sleep would be nice.

Have to work on that… how about you?

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