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Empty Nest

Empty nesting time. It is a reality for almost all parents at one time or another. Notice I don’t say “all” parents because I can suppose that some 30-year-old adults are still living with their parents somewhere ( for good or bad).

Empty Nesters

My wife and I can recall some of those days when they were very young. We’d wish for them to be a bit older and provide us some quiet nights sleep and a bit less chasing them around to keep things out of their mouths.

As they grew older we started to realize there were just “different” levels of challenges. Dating, distractions, puberty, peer pressure that leads to all of the moments when you ask yourself ” is this really my child?”  During their teens it was sometimes hard to distinguish how they would totally forget the lessons that we would have hoped the had learned in their “formative” years. But yes, they did forget. Often in some cases.

But mistakes will happen ( hopefully not catastrophic or life threatening… each which I have learned can be different) 🙂

We had one child who left abruptly when he turned 18, and didn’t look back. We didn’t really interact with him at all but after  12 years we have finally come to  know him again thank fully.

It is hard to let go, but they all have to find their own course in life, and what you have taught them (and they retained) has to be good enough.

My advice to my kids ( if they read these now, or later) is to be centered in who you are spiritually, remember the fundamentals between right and wrong, it’s okay to make mistakes, its okay to be frustrated and angry with life- but you need to make something out of those pitfalls. Apply the lesson to what’s going on ahead in your life.

So here we are – with our empty nest. But honestly we have 4 great kids who  we love more than anything, and they are  out on their own making a “go” of it. We’ll embrace them the best way we know how.  Yup, and here I am  at tracks in the dust still trying to share advice. Guess we can all learn no matter how old we get. I am learning how to be an older parent.


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2 thoughts on “Empty Nest

  1. Thanks Michelle. Working to get used to the “quiet” that I had wished for many years ago when all 4 of mine were small. It’s part of the cycle of life I suppose, and my wife and I are doing our best to embrace it. Thanks for stopping by 🙂


  2. I agree with your advice to your children. My children have huge age differences. My eldest daughter is 21 now and she is also making a “go” of it. I don’t have an empty nest yet, but I feel it and miss her when she is away. Thank you for your lovely post, mg.

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