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Family Traditions “German Holiday Songs”

When I was a kid my all of my aunts and uncles, cousins (distant and close) would get together on Christmas day in the afternoon to have the “family” Christmas party. Our German heritage would always mean great German food & pot luck including ham and German potato salad and so many other assorted eats including my grandmothers handed down German spice cake ( potato torte).

After everyone had their fill of great food and a bunch alcoholic drinks had duly been consumed, there was time to sing some songs. The whole family would join in to celebrate. Many were many Christmas traditional tunes “O Tannenbaum” and “Stille Nacht” (Silent Night) were inevitable. But also were a few Bavarian drinking songs ( at least it felt like they were from there). Not as Christmas oriented but certainly part of the tradition each year.

My focus for our family this year will be to recall and embrace those family traditions that got us to this Christmas. I hope that my children will better understand the rich and varied heritage that got us to the yule-tide celebrations we do now.

There was a song called “Mein Lieber Antone“. Thanks to my brother I have the words for it, but have not been able to find the actual tune on any search I have made via the Internet.. I would be grateful if anyone had any information about it.

The other song was a song about a Schnitzelbank. With assorted other farm implements (among other German things). A traditional drinking song for sure, complete with the sing-along poster as each time you added something you had to repeat the rest. What great fun, and definitely with a beer or other concoction in your hand while singing it.

Here is the poster we sang from:

schnitzelbank Song Sheet









Here is a rendition from You Tube ( so you can get the idea).

What were your traditions? What songs did you sing over the years that have become the standards for your personal soundtrack?

Soundtrack of Your Life

Hey- I got stuck on this the other day. So many of my friends (both bloggy and non-bloggy) talk about how music is such a part of their lives.

I think music draws a lot into the motions of life, surrounding you with feelings and memories that are indelible.


Heart Music 2

Liberally borrowing from a recent Entertainment Weekly magazine I challenge each of you (if music is part of your life at all like it is for me ) to answer the following & post it back on comments or on your site and “share”.

What are the songs that make up the Soundtrack of Your Life?

  1. The first song I was ever obsessed with:
  2. The first album I ever bought with my own money:
  3. The song that reminds me of my first love:
  4. The first song I ever sang in front of people:
  5. The artist people don’t know I am a fan of:
  6. My go-to karaoke jam:
  7. The album that reminds me of home:
  8. The album that I will never get tired of, no matter how often I hear it:
  9. The song(s) I listen to to get pumped up:
  10. The song that I wish I had written (and would have been famous for):
  11. The album I want played at my funeral:
  12. My #1 favorite holiday song:

You can explain yourself if you want to as to why you chose it. Just play along!  Their are NO wrong answers. 

Go ahead.  But be sure to share on your site or in the comments for others to see… and provide a LINK.


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