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If The Sun Refused To Shine

This song Led Zeppelin song has been with me since I was a teen. Long forgotten, I still love it and it still has meaning decades later.

To my lovely wife. Thank You.

     If The Sun Refused to ShineThank You

  1. If the sun refused to shine
    I would still be loving you
    When mountains crumble to the sea
    There’ll still be you and me
    Kind woman, I give you my all
    Kind woman, nothing more
    Little drops of rain, whisper of the pain
    Tears of loves lost in the days gone by
    My love is strong with you there is no wrong
    Together we shall go until we die
    Inspiration is what you are to me
    Inspiration, look to see
    And so today, my world it smiles
    Your hand in mine we walk the miles
    Thanks to you it will be done
    For you to me are the only one
    Happiness, no longer sad
    Happiness, I’m glad
    If the sun refused to shine
    I would still be loving you
    When mountains crumble to the sea
    There’ll still be you and me, and me


It seems like these days everyone I meet is  working so hard to be different. Make every day different, be different from the person to the left and right of us. Yet, of course we want to be sure that we are also part of the accepted group of people we believe we are in.  So we sometimes struggle for that balance.

But there is comfort in the “ordinary” and there is something to be said about that in our relationships.

There is a value to that ordinary feeling we may have, perhaps we even seek it in our love to be “familiar” to the daily lives with our partners? Ordinary is not a bad word. It means a lot more than that.

Give me a bit of the ordinary then. I don’t mind it.


Here is a great song about being ordinary  and in love, from Copeland. Love it.



Today was fine-
I woke up late like I always do.
Made work just in the knick of time-
And thought of you.And when I returned,
I found you just like I always do.
Waiting for me like you always are.Since you came along-
My days are ordinary.
We laugh just like yesterday-
And I kiss you like the day before-
And I hold you just like ordinary.
Perhaps when the day is new,
We’ll find tomorrow is just ordinary too.Tomorrow came-
My shadow it was growing long.
I came home to find you singing songs-
Just the same.And today it seems-
You’re smiling like you always are.
Every day it’s the same old thing.

Since you came along-
My days are ordinary.
We laugh just like yesterday-
And I kiss you like the day before-
And I hold you just like ordinary.
Perhaps when the day is new,
We’ll find tomorrow is just ordinary too.


Controlling Happiness

It would seem we are always in the pursuit of it. 

The sign at the front door of my home

The sign at the front door of my home

Yet,It often seems so elusive, and still I have come to realize that each of us are in control of it. Happiness wisps away like a soap-bubble in the wind. Flying from here to there and hitting people. For some of my friends I think they believe it lands on them – like luck or good fortune.  Being happy is definitely a blessing. It is desirable. Not always attainable.

In the pursuit… people seem to do unnatural things don’t they? I mean they will do everything to avoid the inevitable fact that there will be sadness in their lives. Ignoring it, dismissing it as not allowed wont change that.   Other people seem to think they can buy happiness, Add more things in their lives and it will be a happier one. Add more things, which will attract more people (who may seem to be your friends).  they want to insulate themselves from ever being unhappy by filling their lives with time-filling stuff and people. We know how that turns out. Yet we would struggle to not accept the idea that we could try to see if that would work.

So if it is not money, and it is not avoiding sadness. If indeed it is not elusive at all, then what brings you happiness?

For me? Being confident that the people I love are there for me, and I am there for them. Being sure that I know where my spiritual center is. Understanding that I have the control over my happiness and other emotions. Not that I am going to be happy all the time. We are all human, subject to feelings of melancholy and remorse, anger and sadness, frustration and loneliness. You cannot always choose happiness, bad/sad things happen. Personally as someone fighting cancer I think it is how you deal with it that counts.

But we have the ability to grasp the positive things in our lives. Those things that will make the yin to the yang. Trusting in God. Living a life that is not centered on negative things. Making the best of the situations as they come. Understanding that not everything is going to be “just fine” all the time. It will take the effort.

You have heard the term “control your anger”.  Perhaps we can also “control our happiness”?

Happiness Runs- Donovan


We all get them… There are a lot of mixed messages in today’s’ world.


A lot of it is the fact that we live in the “information age”  I think. It happens all around us. No matter what we see or hear, there seems to be a question of reality. We read news, we track social networks, we watch media provide up to the minute real-time events in our living room.

What we see can sometime contradict what we believe is true, and still we may tend to deny what our eyes are seeing.There are other times we see  or read something, that won’t validate what we want to believe so we will dismiss it. It contradicts our beliefs and then we are not going to accept the evidence.

There are a lot of people who outwardly say sincerely that they care about people and causes. But  their actions contradict that. They follow their religious or personal philosophies, but only when it fits in their lives.   Like the message of LOVE and the practice of HATE. They may be saying that people “in need” should be helped, but shouldn’t help them in any way even if they are provided many opportunities.  I guess almost all of us need to work harder all the time to focus on people in-need.

It is easy to say and do things that don’t make sense to everything else in our lives. It can be the principle of the moment and long-term it doesn’t play out. But there are many times I think I need to stop and review what is “in-coming” in my life and make sure I am convicted to the “outcome” – and not contradict myself.   Does that happen in your life, too?

Believe In Love

There are times when I forget, I get so involved with the mechanics of life that I easily ignore the reality of things. The world is full of struggles. Full of pain and anger. Full of things that we cannot effect at the moment but can influence our day, change our mood, make things cloudy on a sunny day.

The Verb "To Love"

That’s when I remember the power of love. Of believing in love and what it can mean.  For my life, living in the spirit that is God and the love of my wife who is there for me no matter what happens.

Many people are equally as fortunate. Not every one I understand. But there are so many people out there that turn their back on love. They will deny it; but they’re making a path away from love.

There is this great song called BELIEVE by Elton John that always catches me thinking about it again.  I am sharing this, the statements of war, money, dictators, churches, politics and papers all get tangled up in what we should believe. Believe in love.


I believe in love, it’s all we got
Love has no boundaries, costs nothing to touch
War makes money, cancer sleeps
Curled up in my father and that means something to me
Churches and dictators, politics and papers
Everything crumbles sooner or later
But love, I believe in love

I believe in love, it’s all we got
Love has no boundaries, no borders to cross
Love is simple, hate breeds
Those who think difference is the child of disease
Father and son make love and guns
Families together kill someone
Without love, I believe in love

Without love I wouldn’t believe
In anything that lives and breathes
Without love I’d have no anger
I wouldn’t believe in the right to stand here
Without love I wouldn’t believe
I couldn’t believe in you
And I wouldn’t believe in me
Without love

I believe in love
I believe in love
I believe in love


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