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Out of Context

Is it just me or does it seem like everyone seems to want “action” on things when someone says something that doesn’t agree with the common thinking.3D Glasses


Who has decided what is the “common thinking” anyway?  Is it who has taken the latest opinion polls ? or is it the loudest voice in the crowd? I always get apprehensive when a public figure ( politician, celebrity, or whatever)  uses the term “we” … like they are representing majority of people whom that have all conferred with and clearly understand.

I guess now a days that’s easy to do. Everyone with a computer or a smartphone has the pulpit of the Internet in which to say stuff. Is it stupid or ignorant? Is it misquoted or out of context? How many times does it get repeated by another someone on the Internet that feels the same way. Before you know it those hundreds of people seems to represent thousands. And the ball of bad taste just seems to propagate from the center of it. .

They can say remarks in context, out of context, with a total different intention that delivered. But if enough people like it, they will quote it as fact and then color it with their own intention. In fact measuring someone’s “intention” rarely seems to be considered at all- just immediate lambasting or flag waving ( depending on the reasons for doing it).

Advice to my kids: Intention doesn’t matter I guess.  It is all subject to criticism. And a few viral minutes later we can all agree that something has been pointed out as thoughtless, or heroic, or shameful or patriotic   A mere shadow of the real reasons of the real people who lived it.

Lately I have become much more aware I guess. Maybe that is something that I will promise myself. Don’t jump to the conclusions that others have provided, they could be wrong.


Lies That Can Contain You

Lies are powerful things aren’t they? They can convince you to do things you may otherwise never have done. They can lead you in the wrong direction and contain you in fear.


I have learned over time that there are people in your life that may lie to you, but  may also love you too.

They may think they are doing it for “good reasons”, perhaps to protect you.

But overall those most powerful lies in your life likely come with motivation. It may be selfish motivation by someone wishing to avoid personally bad situations, or it could be they wish to manipulate you or others to do things they want you to do for the wrong reasons.

Perhaps you have reasons to WANT to believe the lies. It may make it easier. Send fault or blame somewhere else. Provide an excuse to not fight for the right thing or do the right thing. Not to face the truth of the matter.

For example: A person can choose to believe that since they  are imperfect they may think they are unworthy of forgiveness. It can seem easier to dig a deeper hole and put ourselves in a “box” with the perception of “no way out”.  Breaking free from the lies we embrace can be life changing, yet it may never happen. As the good book says ” the truth shall set you free”.


So advice for my kids... what can you do? Start by being true to yourself. Don’t lie to yourself. Be sure you test the things you hear and ask questions that help to measure their motivation. Take care to understand things more, and not necessarily accept things at face value.

Today it seems more than ever that people desire to listen to others or read something on the Internet,  and then accept things just because it sounds like something to want to believe. It doesn’t mean it is worthy of acceptance. There can be convincing arguments, there can be things that can sound true. But understand the consequences. Know the motivations.

Don’t let lies contain you in fear or uncertainty. Understand your well-being is centered in faith in your heart and in Him.


The Foundation of Lies

It is said that “A lie can travel halfway round the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”

Whether Mark Twain said it or some preacher in a sermon long,long ago… it seems to be more true that ever before. Today’s world-wide web can help make even the ugliest lies seem like truth. People read them and then pass them on to tens of thousands of others because they want to believe in their version of the truth, however unreal it may be. If it fits the perception of what someone thinks it should be, then it goes on and out to more. If something t was said by someone you believe also thinks like you, “it must be the truth“. Right?

So we maybe people are building “their” reality on lies. For others they could be building their friendships on half-truths or fabrications, which sadly pass on things like hate and prejudice. Very often I have seen relationships between couples of many years that have gone into a spin because of simple things that have blossomed into lies and flared up into full-fledged fires. All because of one person’s version of the truth that gets created to fulfill personal need.

Lies can hurt, lies can also motivate others to do things that are right or wrong. Sometimes lies are justified, maybe bolster our own confidence to do things that are seemed to protect others from hurt. But we cannot let them control our sense of right and wrong. We need to make sure that we understand  that our truths are what needs to guide us in our love and our life. We have to clear the way to not listen for what we think we need to hear, but we listen to our hearts and heads without the noise. Be mindful that we can be motivated to even lie to ourselves. And those lies can perpetuate in the worse way to effect our future.


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