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Closing Time

Closing Time

Closing Time (Photo credit: André Hofmeister)

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings’ end.” Semisonic “Closing Time”

The real-deal is that everything changes (time does that) and when something begins, it is always destined for an “end”. At least here on Earth.

Acceptance of change is often hard, and can lead to disappointment. It seems like so often disappointment a result of what we want to have happen- but doesn’t. We get stuck on the idea that if something doesn’t happen “exactly” like we imagined it should -then it seems wrong (we get angry or sad).

So hard to remember that. SO SO easy to let things get you down.  Not like you can’t have plans or something, but they have to allow for the detours that life will deal us. Let one thing happen and be prepared to allow closure to the next. Hanging on to it can just make it harder.

So yeah- closing time… let it happen. Let it be the “last call” and the lights come up, because tomorrow is another day and “you can’t stay here” …..”  in reality you wouldn’t want to any way. And that final “closing time” is somewhere in your future- you will go  home to somewhere where forever is real. For now- keep moving. It’s gloriously more of an adventure that way – share it with the people you love on the journey ahead.

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