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Everyone’s Personal Movie

I am constantly amazed how many cameras there are in our lives today. Everyone has one in their pocket if they own a smartphone, they are there in public places (look, you can see them up there like one big eye-ball staring down at you).


There aren’t many places today where a there may not be a picture or video . In elevators, at parties, in shops and restaurants. Every one brings their selfie to life with the wave of a finger. Some how we have gotten much closer to Orwell’s 1984 vision of big brother it would seem.

I noticed today that there are new inexpensive devices that just hang off your collar or purse. Very small they can be activated in a second and carry full digital video capability . It allows us to be in “our own movie” complete with the reality show friends and strangers who populate your view of life around you.  No effort. No getting something out of your purse or pocket. Just a gesture of your hand and you are recording video and sound for your life.

Over the years as I grow older, I realize that there are some fond memories of the past are precious. But in the days of the past no one really thought of pulling out a an old-fashioned movie camera to try to capture the moments. Later when video cameras were available, you still had to remember to have them “at hand” to get the action. Maybe special events where it seemed like a great time to capture the action.

Today there is nothing left to imagine or remember. Just take out the device and push the button. Upload it to the Internet and let it have its permanent place in the “etherweb”. Some of those videos capture ugliness, some capture inappropriate things that should only be a memory, many are not as exciting as those that post them make them out to be. But there they are a permanent entry in the “world-wide web library”.

Comon’- be in my “movie” – my reality TV show of life- complete with fuzzy digital motion that will capture a thread of time that otherwise would have come and gone with nothing but a recollection.

Casting Stones

OwlsIn these days it seems like EVERYTHING allows for the opportunity to cast judgement.  There are so many more ways that people can decide whether something is acceptable or not. And in a world where it seems everyone wants to be accepted, this can be crippling for many who are sensitive to the barrage of possible responses.

You cannot turn around without someone being critical of what you “meant” about something you may have said. Because things are forever text-ed into the www atmosphere, because we can twitter and post to our hearts content,…because the Internet allows everything to be put-out-there for all to see, and be reviewed over and over… it allows for scrutiny beyond anything I can recall in the past.

I mean, everyone has a camera in their pocket these days, and they can take still pictures or videos that can be interpreted out of context or maybe just show someone with their guard down. In turn that allows everyone to cast their judgement on it:  Is it funny, insulting, weird, profound, lewd, frightening or whatever?

Many people seem to enjoy casting judgement on things in other peoples lives. Quick to make armchair criticisms and then provide a conditional response.  There are “terms” to be settled after all… you must apologize for your behavior among friends since everyone else sees it. You must explain yourself. Make amends. Really?

In the end,  past generations seem to have been less subject to public scrutiny, allowing them the courtesy of making a mistake among friends, to say something they later regretted and have a short list to apologize to…  Like the Bible story, “casting the first stone” has taken new meaning. The speed of that “cast” is super fast and can allow hundreds, or thousands of others to virtually “pile on” in the process.

One consolation: It shows proof that as humans’ ……..NOBODY is perfect.

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