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No Day But Today

There are times when I ask myself “How did I get here?”  I don’t mean I have been unconscious and I woke up out of a daze or something. I know I have been moving along day to day, living the life I have lived and counting the days on the calendar.

But when I stop to think about it I realize that there were many, many days that I had wished would come to an end as quickly as it could… You know, those days when it all comes down on you and you think it can’t get worse?  At the end, you sigh the sigh of relief, hopefully lying in bed and wondering if you close your eyes will it go away (there are some I remember did not finish in my bed, but were in some very odd places I shudder to remember).

Still when the day is finished, look for the next day  to improve. Of course there are always those days that start out looking like they are going to be “one of those days”.  You know them…Issues at work, family conflicts, tests of patience or memory or physical stamina.  Even in my younger days I knew that they would be around from time to time. But I hoped that they would be far between, and would be interspersed with some really brilliant and wonderful days. And of course they would be.

They stand out in life, those days that are the “best days of your life”. Things that happen in it seem to feel like miracles. Birth of children or like reaching a milestone: finishing school or achieving and being recognized for the challenge. These can be those times when you reflect back on your “firsts” and realize that it there will only be seconds and thereafter and capture those precious days forever in your memories. You find that you relive them again with your friends and family in remembrance. Many times you may not even have a physical picture of it, but the pictures remain clear in your head. 

But between the days of “need to be over” and “wish it would never end” are mainly the abundance of days we live. And even then, they may be focused on the coming weekend or looking forward to special events or anniversaries with special people. 

My advice to my children. Don’t wish them over, don’t take the day for granted or keep hoping for a better day some other day. Cherish the day you have. Thank God for it. Stop and take it in. Put the ingredients in it to make it be a day you can appreciate. Apply kindness, patience, grace, compassion, love. You won’t get another day that is identical; each day will be unique an non-repeatable. And you don’t have any guarantees that the next day will come with you in it at all. So please don’t wish them away.

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5 thoughts on “No Day But Today

  1. 🙂 I like that!


  2. Wonderful advice. I especially like “Put the ingredients in it to make it be a day you can appreciate. Apply kindness, patience, grace, compassion, love.”. That is so true – I wish everyone could know and understand this fully. Thank you ♥


    • Thanks so much. I have seen so many lovely posts about kindness and compassion and love. There is always room for more in this life. Appreciate your comment.


  3. What good advice…thanks for sharing your thoughts mgert.


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