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Changing Lives One Day At A Time

decisionTime seems to stand still once in a while. There is nothing special happening, nothing monumental. Yet all around you are people who are experiencing quite the opposite. They may be having a life event, a special moment perhaps. They may have run into the depths of failure, or the heights of success.

But there you are. Living in one of  those nondescript days where at the end of it, you have to ask yourself how it got so late at night and it is “time for bed”.  It seems like a throw-away day. Just moving through the day like the sun overhead. Moving from east to west and finally being done warming the day.

Sometimes it makes me feel sad. It’s a day you can never get back, no chance to have a “re-do”. Could there have been opportunities to make a difference in someone else’s  life, to strike a conversation, help someone you may not even have known by offering an act of kindness?  Could you have spent a moment to call a friend, make someone laugh or just tell someone you haven’t seen in a while that you were thinking of them?

All of those things seem so simple and somewhat insignificant I guess. But they are not, are they?  They are reasons for the chance to live the day. To provide forgiveness, to show kindness, to create a new timeline of events for someone else perhaps, a possible very small thing for you- that sends someone off in an entirely new direction in their lives.

Then you can still say it “seemed like an uneventful day”. But not… it seems for everyone.  I will work to make that day happen. How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Changing Lives One Day At A Time

  1. I like this, mg. It would be a nice thing to try to remember to do one nice thing every day, like call a friend, give a flower etc. Thanks for the reminder.


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