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Grow Old Along with Me

Recently my wife and I were both noticing a whole lot more pills in the medicine chest.


Our challenge is that we know we “need” them,  but we are kind of in denial that they are something we need to take just because some things seem to be “wearing out” in our bodies.

That seems to be compounded by added surgery required to fix and remove  things in an effort to live a longer life. Add to that new prescriptions for eyeglasses to improve eyesight, and the frequent rubbing of aches and pains that seem to be showing up more these days.

Modern medicine is truly focused on those of us getting older. For the young I say, “don’t take it for granted that health is something that needs no maintenance”. Over time it will be a challenge, if it isn’t age it may be something else. Like a recent post I re-blogged – you need to take care of yourself regardless of age.

Which brings me to one of the most important things about growing old for me. I get to spend it with the love of my life. Going on 35 years next year, I think we have come to realize how life is precious. We love our children (all 4 of them) and wish them all the best as they grow older too. I love my wife. And as we line up the pills, and polish our glasses for better vision, and visit our doctors more often it seems than ever… we can grow old together.

Here is a song that has really captured it for me. (Leave it to me to get back to music somehow 🙂

Written by John Lennon, this is Mary Chapin Carpenters version.

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2 thoughts on “Grow Old Along with Me

  1. I can certainly relate to this blog! But I am glad that I still have someone to grow older with. Your wife is lucky to have someone that appreciates almost 35 years of marriage. Perhaps too we become a little wiser as we grow older and truly appreciate life.


    • SO true. Older and wiser. When I was younger I didn’t understand how someone got older and wiser. Always thought I knew it all. Thanks for visiting 🙂


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