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Being At Peace

To be at peace with yourself takes the effort. It takes a path you are willing to follow to get there.

Life is Very Short

It takes a resistance to fear, to the evil that comes from every aspect of life it would seem these days.

But with the latest catastrophic thing in our lives right around the corner, we can easily get preoccupied with the notion of not being at peace.    At peace with ourselves, at peace with each other. A level set with life that only God can provide I would think.

But it starts with us. We cannot succumb to fear. To our anger. We must conquer it.  Our fear of circumstances. Our fear of the world around us.

People do so many things that make me mad but
Angry isn’t how I want to spend what time I have
Cognitive dissonance they call it
I wonder just how small it
Could be made to be in me?

life in the city is so densely packed
fear of each other is an accepted fact
fear soaks into concrete just like grease
fear is the antithesis of peace                           –  “TIme I Have” by David Crosby

Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. – Mathew 6:34

It takes effort finding peace in ourselves with the “time we have” and the world around us. The opposite of that is to surrender to fear, to give in to the darkness around us. It will mean we may need help. It is there in many ways, we can help each other… we can look to Him for the help.

Are you prepared to not surrender to fear? To not let worry consume you? Or have you already allowed other things to take over your peace?

De-coding Happiness

It is amazing that being happy seems so hard. It means so much to so many people who are seeking it daily, perhaps even hourly. They are looking all over for it. At work, at home, at play. No matter where they look they are always trying to get more. Sometimes when they are happy they don’t even recognise it – too busy thinking about the next thing to do on the course to happiness.

Contentment perhaps, is more like it often times. It doesn’t feel bad, it is somewhere on the same side of happy. Just that feeling that you are in the right place at the right time. That things have lined up well in your life and you are “good” with the place you are in.

So it seems like there is a need to de-code what happiness looks like. I have casual friends who have jobs that allow them to have virtually all the possessions they want. They have collected them to surround themselves with potential happiness genrators that will perhaps make each day a better day. But surrounded by all of those possessions and property, they seem even less happy than someone with a tenth as much. So okay, “money can’t buy you happiness”. Got it. But then why keep trying? Because it makes them happy to try I think.

So sadly happiness is a state of mind, driven through the spirtuality of recognizing that there are more important things that the earthly posessions. The energy spent collecting up happiness could be so much better used. As humankind it seems like we have so much more potential, more to seek JOY. Now there’s a word. Almost always coming from an interaction with a living thing. A child or a parent, a family pet or something from nature, something of beauty. Joy is from God.

Joy has a component of happiness; in itself the most precious of contentment. Thank you for those times in happiness. Enjoying the mission of life; taking on the idea that we all have a purpose for being here while we are alive. To bring more to the light and peace that is true happiness. Are you there with me?


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