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New Year or New Day?

Being away from posting on “Tracks in the Dust” for a bit. I wanted to add my comments about celebrating the new year of 2015. We are all looking for milestones in our lives aren’t we? To assure we are making forward progress, to be sure that we can commemorate the passing of a significant moments (anniversary, birthday etc).

Are you ever finished? Where do you draw the line?

A New Day: As it ends, it will start again

Over time I have learned that those special milestones are worthy of celebration, however that also recalls that every single day should be a milestone for life. There is a special meaning in everyday that we are here on this earth. We have time. Time to rejoice in God’s countenance, to embrace our loved ones with the thanks for the comfort and piece of mind that goes with knowing that we are all here for each other.

I am risking being cliché in so many ways. But as the clock struck midnight on 2014 and 2015 had arrived, it seemed like I was profoundly reminded that everyday should be about celebrating that it has come. The calendar is man-made, the pages that turn on it are governed by the 24 hours it contains, but each minute of those hours is a new opportunity to take a breath and understand the meaning of it. We connect with many people over each day, We need to do it with the kindness and compassion that we are all passing through this life “kinda fast” ( as the song “Tracks in the Dust”  says).

I am happy for the new year, I am happy for the new day. I am happy that I can share it with others, with the ones I love and that I have the faith to know what will happen when the last day arrives for me. Hopefully you have that comfort also, and celebrate the new day every day.

Happy New Day!

Our New Year’s Resolve

The new year is just around the corner. Every year it seems, it serves as a chance for people around the world mark a milestone on the path of their lives.


In reality the day after December 31st is just like any other day, but as the calendar changes to a new set of 365 days, it gives us pause to recall what we personally have accomplished with the year since the last calendar change. Some big victories perhaps. some big disappointments. It’s really about what we’ve done with them both that makes up where we are now.

When we were down, did we have the fortitude to plow though the adversity and make a difference in our lives? When things were going well, did we make efforts to grow and become better from it?

I tell my kids that even the small accomplishments could help lead to more. Never take for granted what you have and make sure you appreciate it – but take the next step to make the best of those. Accumulating small victories can truly be a richer experience than getting the bigger ones’.

So as the calendar turns, some will celebrate… but let’s hope we can all be accountable for what was good and what could have been better. Make sure you see the difference, reflect on it and build on what you can. Disappointment and sadness is surely ahead, but what you do when that happens will tell-the-tale on your new year.

“Resolutions” are the traditional thing to do at the beginning of each year… but resolve is stronger than “resolutions”. Resolve to be the genuine person you can be, fight adversity and take each moment as a milestone (not just midnight on December 31). Resolve to stay accountable to your values, resolve to stay strong through the tough times and build on the victories when they happen. Look for the opportunities to celebrate the new year each day as it comes.

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