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Bearing The Wait

Rose Close Up

The longest day must have its end

Every man must lose a friend

Time won’t wait for any hater

Dying can’t be done any later


So mourn the sick, bury the dead, and let the words flow free

The only answers to love gone bad will never come to me

It seems like today will never end, tomorrow isn’t coming

A crowd of people stare at you; they’re so cold its numbing



If love is timid, it’s not true

Life is what you make it do

Love the truth, pardon error

Ask the mirror who’s the fairer


Fight for your wants, build your wills, and be satisfied you’re living

It may only be a silent love, but love is for the giving

Ask the questions in your mind, hope is right for now

A time will come when you will know, you’ll do it anyhow



The longest day must have its end

Every man must lose a friend

Time won’t wait for any hater

Dying can’t be  done any later

This is from a song I wrote in January 1974. It really didn’t mean anything in particular if I recall (it has been a while) but I was just breaking up with a girlfriend at the time and I am sure I was heart-struck some how. I will have to get these songs documented somehow. It is funny how even all these years later I remember the melody of it.  From “Love Songs for a Lonely Night”  © MGert 1974

From The Summer Porch

Mandeville, Louisiana. Relaxing on the front p...

Relaxing on the front porch.                                    (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days of June remind me of this verse I wrote many years ago…..

A quiet morning followed by a humid afternoon worth rambling

From the front porch you can hear the city working out its living

Bicycles click by, their passengers running a soft breeze toward the lake

Mid-afternoon heating the sidewalk and shuffling the insects


All is still as the sirens chase a distant problem in the mid-town

Suburban AM radio blasts sunbathers in a nearby crabgrass yard

Cloudless days one after another sweating out the summer sky

The five o’clock whistles blow in unison from the smoggy foundry streets


Lines of cars and busses roll by to headlines and bar-b-que dinners

A young couple stroll by acting out a Coke commercial love affair

A red sun casts shadows on the softball cyclone fence unlimited

Dusty bird coast through the thick air calling sundown songs


Night approaches from the east a chalky sky of grey and blue

The night slips in on cricket calls and a wet wind from the lake

Cars flash lights across the lawnchair porches and picture window lives

It’s another July evening in the Midwest point of view


It’s another calendar sunshine waking on the lake front

As someone said from the window screen “another scorcher coming”

Just a quiet morning followed by a humid afternoon worth rambling

From the front porch you can hear the city working out its living

There were days when I was younger during the summer vacations from school that my friend and I would sit on the porch for the entire day, slumped back on the old chairs that were sitting by the doors. We would open a beer and listen to music and watch the world go by. This was something from those days….

July 25,1976 from “An Even Break” by © MGert 

Poems, Prayers and Promises [February Edition]

MGert Concert Picture

MGert Concert Picture

Since January I have added a new page to

I have dredged up some old lyrics and poetry in the page above called The Songs and Poems of Another Time.

For the most part all from the mid-70’s ( for many of you before you were born).

But they were rooted in rock and folk music at the time. Inspiration for stuff that has long sat in spiral-bound notebooks that collected dust over the years. I told my kids I would pull out some of them I was fond of and capture them here. [Yup, that’s me many years ago when rock was younger and so was I).

For those of you who are following, thanks for the indulgence. I kindly recap the February entries here with links.

One Year Later, Thank You Followers

WordPress 1 YearSo here it is exactly one year later since last February when I started Tracksinthedust.

Like so many others bloggers I have read it was not my intention to collect 1000’s of followers.

Yet it has been fantastic that some of you fellow WordPress bloggers are visiting from time to time, and for my Facebook friends to drop by- it’s always wonderful to get a comment now and then as well.

My hope is that in the course of things my kids catch some of it. They mean the world to me and my wife. Even for my oldest  son who left home at 18 and has never looked back.

I will continue to share some of my journey on my fight with cancer on the Cancer Letters – I pray that isn’t a turn off but I wanted to get that down in writing. Probably more therapeutic for me than for those who  would read it I guess.

It’s been fun touching on music, and lyrics and poems ( on my new page) Songs and Poems from Another Time

It has been great to make some bloggy friends along the way as well!

Most of all I have learned that no matter where people live in the world there are so many similarities. Worries and loves, hates and frustrations, wonders and kindness, spiritual needs and wanting to know how we all fit in.

They are all there in everyone.

Hope that some of you will continue to drop by and leave a comment when it moves you.

Here’s to another year for all of us!

Mark (Mgert)

Special shout to some of WordPress bloggers from around the world and right here in Texas who have dropped by for comments. 

♥ Hope the Happy Hugger for all your wonderful comments and inspriation

Istopforsuffering for your spiritual vision

NoBlogintended for your views on life

Mari for your such beautiful prose

Aix for your insight on living

InWonderland (Audrey) for being such a genuine person

A New Page @ Tracksinthedust

NewSo its a few short days from my one year anniversary since  I began my blogging journey on WordPress. Admittedly I didn’t have any expectations of how many visits or views I would have. My purpose was to share some of my observations on daily living with my children (at least for more “WWW type” of posterity).

It all started because 4 years ago I was diagnosed with stage 3 prostate cancer. After surgery and radiation therapy and quarterly checks and injections, I started to evaluate my life and what is important.

I realized that my wife and I had shared a lot of wisdom with  our kids, but did they remember any of it? For those of you that have older children who have reached the age when others around them (their peer group & classmates) … you realize that they can end up influencing their direction more than a parent can. Because they want to fit in, or they want to stay out of the crowd around them- it all works to shape their choices and their identity. Not that you cannot do your parental part in their lives for as long as you are part of it, but your exclusive influence over their path to adulthood is shared and measured against all of those things that are happening.

So “tracks” in the dust. We all make tracks, we all influence everyone around us – if even for only the brief moment meeting a stranger in a crowd, or the family and friends that make up our daily sphere of life.

I want to thank those who have visited in the past year, and hopefully the site will be worth visiting from time to time.

I am starting a NEW PAGE called the Songs and Poems of Another Time. “A Play on Words”.

My kids are all musically inclined, as when I was much younger I had a lot more inspiration and I used to pump out lyrics and poems and song ideas day after day for years. I dusted off the notebooks from the 70’s and 80’s that are  full of them and wanted to share them with my kids. SO once again I wanted preserve a few of them off the fading paper pages after all of these years.

Hope you will stop by when you can.

View from A Summer Porch

Hitchcock’s Revenge

The Change


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