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Waiting for the Blue

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The church bells have rung all day

And all the music has faded far away

And the clock runs time through

While waiting for the sky to blue

Washed out water-color window pane

The west is grey, a sign of rain

The day grows old and finally dies

Still waiting to see blue in the skies

Overhead above, the clouds still shining

Taking every ounce of wishes from the lining

Lies the golden sun in its darkness den

While waiting for the blue skies once again

I was a big fan of Laura Nyro back in the day, still am. “Stoned Soul Picnic” and “When I Die” and so many more. Her voice was angelic and mysterious in the same way. Inspirational. I wrote some music because of her, this was lyrics one of them.  From “Love Songs for A Lonely Night”  Summer 1974 MGert ©


Hitchcock’s Revenge

There was something eerie about last night. Not sure what. It reminded me of this …which I wrote a long, long time ago. Seems he always comes to mind when things bump in the night.

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Movements through shadows belonging to no one

Bright lights shining in quiet cold darkness

Sharp breezes blowing without a direction

Sounds unexplained that are heard out of sight

Echoes of footsteps that never come closer

Distant rumbles from lighting unseen near the trees

Shapes that are formed with the blink of an eyeball

Large looming clouds that light dull in the night

Heartbeats go faster and breath’s become shorter

As mysterious movements rush past in the dark

With eyes that follow but don’t have a face

The full moon once glowing sinks into the marshes

The night grows colder with death in the air

The mind plays tricks when Hitchcock enters-

“Good evening”, good night and goodbye to them all

From “An Even Break” by © MGert September 23, 1976

Bearing The Wait

Rose Close Up

The longest day must have its end

Every man must lose a friend

Time won’t wait for any hater

Dying can’t be done any later


So mourn the sick, bury the dead, and let the words flow free

The only answers to love gone bad will never come to me

It seems like today will never end, tomorrow isn’t coming

A crowd of people stare at you; they’re so cold its numbing



If love is timid, it’s not true

Life is what you make it do

Love the truth, pardon error

Ask the mirror who’s the fairer


Fight for your wants, build your wills, and be satisfied you’re living

It may only be a silent love, but love is for the giving

Ask the questions in your mind, hope is right for now

A time will come when you will know, you’ll do it anyhow



The longest day must have its end

Every man must lose a friend

Time won’t wait for any hater

Dying can’t be  done any later

This is from a song I wrote in January 1974. It really didn’t mean anything in particular if I recall (it has been a while) but I was just breaking up with a girlfriend at the time and I am sure I was heart-struck some how. I will have to get these songs documented somehow. It is funny how even all these years later I remember the melody of it.  From “Love Songs for a Lonely Night”  © MGert 1974

From The Summer Porch

Mandeville, Louisiana. Relaxing on the front p...

Relaxing on the front porch.                                    (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days of June remind me of this verse I wrote many years ago…..

A quiet morning followed by a humid afternoon worth rambling

From the front porch you can hear the city working out its living

Bicycles click by, their passengers running a soft breeze toward the lake

Mid-afternoon heating the sidewalk and shuffling the insects


All is still as the sirens chase a distant problem in the mid-town

Suburban AM radio blasts sunbathers in a nearby crabgrass yard

Cloudless days one after another sweating out the summer sky

The five o’clock whistles blow in unison from the smoggy foundry streets


Lines of cars and busses roll by to headlines and bar-b-que dinners

A young couple stroll by acting out a Coke commercial love affair

A red sun casts shadows on the softball cyclone fence unlimited

Dusty bird coast through the thick air calling sundown songs


Night approaches from the east a chalky sky of grey and blue

The night slips in on cricket calls and a wet wind from the lake

Cars flash lights across the lawnchair porches and picture window lives

It’s another July evening in the Midwest point of view


It’s another calendar sunshine waking on the lake front

As someone said from the window screen “another scorcher coming”

Just a quiet morning followed by a humid afternoon worth rambling

From the front porch you can hear the city working out its living

There were days when I was younger during the summer vacations from school that my friend and I would sit on the porch for the entire day, slumped back on the old chairs that were sitting by the doors. We would open a beer and listen to music and watch the world go by. This was something from those days….

July 25,1976 from “An Even Break” by © MGert 

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