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Schmaltzy Movies

Since I was probably old enough to change the TV channel on our family TV I have loved movies.

Red Heart


I guess I am going to turn in my “man card” to admit this: I love schmaltzy movies. Rom-com’s. Romantic comedies. I know that when I was a kid it was so easy to turn on the TV and work to find those Tracy/Hepburn classics, or Thin Man movies. Gable/Lombard, Astaire/Grable,,,the list of old movies goes on. My first fave movie of the era gone-by “It Happened One Night” was (is) one of those movies I can watch again and again.

But I am just as likely to scan the hundreds of channels today and find one that tweaks that old memory. And I am inclined to stop I guess. Whether it is old or contemporary. It is just in me.

“Love Actually ” (another one of my all time faves) just stops me cold and have to watch some/all of it. I know it is more like a holiday movie, but I am just stuck liking it. Or When Harry Met Sally, or Notting Hill, or Runaway Bride, You’ve Got Mail,or….you get the idea.  That doesn’t even include the 60’s movies romping through hi-jinx and crazy situations, with stars as that can range from Sinatra  to Tony Curtis or Rock Hudson.

So yeah, Julia Roberts movies, Hugh Grant, Tom Hanks, Meg Ryan, and all that lot. Just the same to me there are stars of the 30’s and 40’s that were just great too… Once again you get the idea. I am a sucker. So many more. Old and new. Great sound tracks; inevitable endings where the “meet-cute” is over and the wrap up is forever bliss.

My wife chuckles when I stop and dwell on the Rom-com movies. Some end sad, some end with a head scratch, But any way, it is always great stuff.  Heck- as part of my college degree (Communications/Media) we had CLASSES about movies. Bliss.

So put me up for the hours of wasted time I guess. Watching those movies. It is like hearing a great song or reading a great book, you want to listen to it or read it again. Movies are like that… just suspend everything else for a small bit of time and enjoy them.

Whew… I feel better. A confession of sorts (except for my  immediate family who already knows this weird obsession and lives with it). Someday I will get over it…. perhaps.

Hitchcock’s Revenge

There was something eerie about last night. Not sure what. It reminded me of this …which I wrote a long, long time ago. Seems he always comes to mind when things bump in the night.

Photo Credit: Fanpop

Movements through shadows belonging to no one

Bright lights shining in quiet cold darkness

Sharp breezes blowing without a direction

Sounds unexplained that are heard out of sight

Echoes of footsteps that never come closer

Distant rumbles from lighting unseen near the trees

Shapes that are formed with the blink of an eyeball

Large looming clouds that light dull in the night

Heartbeats go faster and breath’s become shorter

As mysterious movements rush past in the dark

With eyes that follow but don’t have a face

The full moon once glowing sinks into the marshes

The night grows colder with death in the air

The mind plays tricks when Hitchcock enters-

“Good evening”, good night and goodbye to them all

From “An Even Break” by © MGert September 23, 1976

Roll Call

Laughing WalrusWe do this thing from time to time in our family and with our closest friends.

It’s “roll call” time for blogger buddies. Checking in to see that everything is okay today and where your head is at.


Let’s have some fun.

3 Questions

  • Who is ” now playing”  on your digital music player (iPod) ?

Mine: Little Black Dress (Group from Dallas, TX) and Air Review (also from Dallas, TX) and The Album Leaf

  • What is the last movie you watched that you enjoyed and thought was worth the time it took to watch it?

Mine: Just finished watching Charade with Cary Grant/Audrey Hepburn (still holds up great for a movie from 1963)

  • Who wrote the last book you read, and what was it?

Mine: Under the Dome by Stephen King – long book but finally put aside the time to read it (1000+ pages).

YOUR TURN! Roll Call?

Some Days are Movies, Some Days are Books

Some days are movies, some days are books.

There are those days that seem really fluid, like some sort of compact movie with a plot that has a beginning in something simple and builds to an ending all balled up in 2 hours. It is like some director is moving the characters in and out of the scenes ( of which you all seem to be in). Or you are hearing the storyline unfold through a strange set of circumstances. Things are registering, things are happening, but in some way you are still connected in a distant way. There is a soundtrack complete with meaningful and selected subject matter intended to shape the mood. A lot of background is out of focus, but you don’t mind. You are seeing it as a sweeping story of your life.

Yet, there are other days that seem like a book. Each and every detail is carefully drawn out to get you to turn the page. The details are descriptive, intense and in some crazy way going in slower motion than you would expect. There is dialog that is meaningful, there are surroundings that have significance. But the whole thing feels like an author ( you actually) is building the plot like some final distant conclusion on a page near the back cover. And the characters are deep and move in and out of the pages like a rhythm that is comfortable, with room enough for several sub-plots.

So I know that I don’t always get to choose. It can be a surprise that can somehow be pleasant, or cause a lot of frustration. It’s like that feeling of being distracted when watching a movie with a lot of dialog, or looking up from a page in a novel and having to go back and read it again- just to keep the story in context.

Today was a movie. And now that it is nearly the end of the day and the credits will be rolling, thinking about tomorrow…well who knows? Kind of okay with that, brings itself some adventures that will always be adding to the plotline, always be making a new soundtrack or revealing a new twist in the characters with in.

Either way, I can make it work.

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