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Take The Weight Off

No, it is not a diet edict. This weight is the weight we all carry, regardless of our physical appearance. It is the weight that becomes a burden that we come to be dependent upon. It is that heaviness that we don’t want, but no change in diet or physical exercise is going to remove it.

It is the weight of information. and we are all subject to that these days. One time stored in encyclopedias, reported in newspapers and magazines and complied in text books – the information for those of us who have access to the Internet seems nearly infinite.  Mistaking that for knowledge is another thing. The nearly infinite source does not have a definitive declaration of the truth, but only the versions of the truth we come to find there.

I love the Tom Waits picture below. It is pretty profound. It is the weight of the things in our lives.  Here in America we collect things to make us more important. From what I can tell is that way in many other places around the world too. The more we have (information, possessions, money,friends, etc) the more we think we will be happy. Abundance can sometimes seem to translate to safer life, or a better life. But hopefully that is understood. It is not going to ever be enough. And as the adage says “you can’t take it with you”.

Kids, my advice is to understand where you are, and know how you should see it? There is more.

DO you have the weight of the world carting around on your soul? Of have you found that there is much more than that?


Buried Beneath the Weight



Love this quality video from The Band. The Weight.

Too Much Information

Too much information!

Piles of Things

Back in my childhood I remember the evening newspaper landing on the front porch every night. My dad would come home from work, kick off his shoes, sometimes make up a cocktail and read the paper.  When I got interested in what they used to call “current events” I was watching TV.

Even in my youngest days the biggest news would show up on the airwaves and most of the public would watch it. After all, we had 3 national networks to choose from. You had a choice who you liked, who you trusted.  Assassinations, moon landings. war’s on TV, protesters, politicians, national news and local news all came through the TV screen on one of the few channels the airwaves could send our way.

Things have changed. We get our information in such a different way. My grown children don’t even own a connection to a TV source. No antenna, no cable. They get their news from the Internet. Though the smartphones and the computers they have in their hands. Portable. Anywhere.   That is the great part of the “information age” .

But  now those 3 channels have turned into a multitude of options. The newspapers are shuttering their doors, the TV channels that had been so robust in reporting the news are now full of talking-heads who are spouting their opinions on any topic that will sell more commercials and make people who think the same way happier.

So here we are on the Internet. There is an endless source of information on the world-wide web. But that has made the news have a thousand alternate versions. A view-point becomes a fact, a fact becomes distorted, a picture tells a thousand words but the words don’t match the picture. The photos are photo-shopped, and the captions frequently don’t match the event.  The world is instantaneous. News from the other side of the world can show up on your iPad less than 30 seconds after the event.  Two minutes later you can read the view points of every one who wants to declare their position.

So its TMI. Too Much information.  There doesn’t seem to be a “filter” at all. It is going to keep coming and we all have to make the best of it.

That is what can make blog-posts on WordPress exciting. Connected people can make a difference. It is what we can all do since we are inter-connected human beings from all over the world. We can verify that the entire world isn’t going down in flames. There are a lot of things we all have in common. It is the goodness of the information age.  It is our chance to remove the filter and understand each other. I am thankful for that.  Hope you are too.

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